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This  Blog will lay out the important considerations you should be making when buying a sauna.

Based on on-line search results it’s understandable to think that all infrared (IR) saunas are roughly the same and therefore the best choice is to buy the lowest priced one you can find.

However, there is a flood of poor quality and ineffective sauna products being sold on-line using misinformation and a lack of accountability.

Here is a list of the important questions and considerations you should be asking while you’re researching a sauna purchase.

Q. What emitter technology does the sauna use?

A. Most companies now use carbon panel emitters but that’s just the bare minimum requirement. Not all carbon emitters are the same.

Finnleo’s CarbonFlex emitters are tuned to emit 8.4 – 9.4 microns of IR heat energy.

This is important because our own bodies have the same resonance and therefore, we can easily absorb the IR being received at this specific wavelength.

This specific wavelength will provide the most beneficial health result.

Pure Infra S810 Room in Hamilton

Q. How does the emitter actually work?

A. Most emitters on the market will turn on until a set temperature within the sauna is reached and then they turn off waiting for a temperature decline before turning on again. This means you lose the benefit of IR therapy during the “off” periods.

Finnleo CarbonFlex emitters have patented even-heat distribution cycling for continuous delivery of the most usable IR wavelength.  Our emitters are always on providing continuous health benefits.

Q. How much of the sauna interior is blanketed with IR energy?

A. It’s a simple question really, but when you look at a lot of IR saunas they don’t cover the sides or backs of your legs, or anything above the shoulders.

Many carbon panels have thick wood framing that minimizes the available IR energy and leaves cold spots.

One of the most common complaints about infrared saunas is uneven heat distribution or “cold spots”.

Finnleo’s Carbonflex emitters are broad and extensive covering your entire body no matter where you sit in the sauna. Our emitters extend above the shoulders to cover your neck and head.

We have emitters built into the floor and seat so that your feet and torso absorb the IR energy from below as well.

Our calf and leg emitters have the largest height and width resulting in the largest coverage on the market and they come at you from behind the legs and from the side too. There are no “cold spots”.

Q. Are the IR emitters safe?

A. Almost all IR saunas on the market now claim that their saunas are safe from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electric fields (EF). However, most of these companies have not conducted independent third-party testing of the complete sauna rooms with all connections and wiring in place.

Many companies will test individual panels separate from the others and claim to meet the safety standards. Beware of lab bench test reports which are dramatically different from real life full room tests.

The bottom line is you should never buy an IR sauna unless a reputable retailer can demonstrate its’ safety by using a TriField meter. A TriFieild meter will measure EMR and EF from 3 simultaneous axis thus picking up all potential electro-energy. Be aware of one-dimensional cheap meters that can be manipulated to show a “safe” reading.

Finnleo’s Carbonflex emitters use patented shielding technology which results in the safest IR saunas in the world. These Pure Infra saunas have emissions below the Swedish EMR and EF standards that are used throughout the world as the safety criteria.

Their testing is done by an independent lab using completely built IR rooms and is available for reviewing.

Q. What is the emitter warranty?

A. Many companies only give a one- or two-year warranty on the emitter.

Finnleo emitters carry a 5 year product warranty and the controls and cabinetry also have a five-year limited warranty.

Q. What does the fit and finish of the IR sauna look like?

A. Here again you should never buy a sauna on-line without physically seeing it and sitting in it first. Poor construction can lead to cracked panels and broken glass.

Finnleo Pura Infra Saunas have proper floor construction so there will be no wood boards that snap, break & collect dirt + dust in hard to reach places. They have no buckles or screws viewable and require no tools to set up.

They use thicker tempered glass and have been designed beautifully using superior controls, LED lighting, hinges and door handles for years of enjoyment.

Q. How long has the company been in business and are there retail stores available to see the product and get after-sale assistance if required? 

A. The vast majority of IR saunas on the market are built in China and of these a significant portion come from just a few factories.

These factories produce generic saunas that companies can purchase and add their logo to and brand as their own. These companies and their retailers have no history and tradition of sauna culture.

Finnleo Pure Infra Saunas are also made in China. However, Finnleo owns and operates their own factories thereby controlling quality and protecting their patented technology.

Moreover, Finnleo is the biggest sauna company in the world with close to a 50% market share. Their history stretches back 100 years to Finland and they sell both traditional saunas, IR saunas, and exclusively traditional-IR combo saunas.

They understand the massive health benefits of sauna use and build their saunas of the highest standards. Not only that, but they are supported with the biggest dealer network in the world where you can see and experience the saunas before you make an important purchase.

Due to Finnleo’s patented technology, all Finnleo “Pure Infra” saunas have EMR levels throughout the sauna room below 2 mG and EF levels below 1 Vm (the lowest in the industry!), measured at the point of body contact.

Patented: Non linear heat distribution patent

Patented: Always on emitter technology (continuous delivery of the most usable type and wave length of Infrared heat energy.)

Competitors – 40% – 50% of the time, the infrared panels are off. The infrared panels overheat. infrared panels off equal no sauna benefits. (ours have a cooling system ensuring the infrared emitters stay on which is the whole purpose of using the infrared sauna, infrared panels need to stay on in order to benefit from infrared sauna use.)

Lowest EMR & EF Infrared Sauna in the World!

EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation) of the earth is 2 milligauss, our infrared saunas are at or below 1 milligauss.

EF (Electrical Field) 3 or less in our saunas, safe is 10 or less.

Finnleo is the only Sauna manufacturer to use 3rd party verification with test in “Actual” use with all connections and electrical distribution points in place.

Beware of lab bench test reports which are dramatically different for real life full room tests.

EMR & EF testing independently verified by intertek (Intertek is part of ETL)

Far Infrared Vs Near Or Mid Infrared

All of our Finnleo Pure Infra Low EMR & Low EF saunas only use Far-Infrared because that is what works best with the human body.

Near infrared and mid infrared are useless because of the Inverse Square Law of Light.

The Inverse Square Law of Light

20″ away from the core = 1/400th the power.

Near infrared only works when held almost literally right against the human body and has to be continuously moved around to prevent burning of the skin.

Try One Out!

We have Finnleo Pure Infra Saunas on display at all 6 locations (BurlingtonHamiltonMississaugaOakvilleSt. Catharines & Vaughan) and we invite you in to try them out and see how comfortable and relaxing they are!

While you are in the store, we can show you the incredibly low EMR/EF Levels with our TriField meter’s, so you can see for yourself that Finnleo really are the safest Infrared saunas available.