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FAQs About Traditional and Infrared Saunas

Saunas, Heaters, and Accessories in Hamilton, ON

The Sundance Sauna Store is committed to bringing you comfort and relaxation through traditional and infrared saunas, steam baths, sauna accessories, and combo units for your home, installed by professionals. There are a variety of sauna products on the market, and it can often be overwhelming to find all the information you need. Check out our FAQs to learn more about all things sauna.

What Products and Services does Sundance Sauna Store Offer?

The Sundance Sauna Store in Hamilton, ON, offers everything you need to create a comforting sauna oasis in your home. We offer traditional saunas, infrared saunas, infra saunas, heaters and controls, steam generators, and sauna accessories. In addition, we offer expert-level installation by experienced professionals. Explore all of our products today.

What Is a Traditional Sauna?

A traditional sauna is typically a small, wooden room-like structure that is heated to between 110°F and 195°F to allow users to feel relaxed and improve their physical and mental health. Traditional Finnish saunas are warmed by the heat and steam emanating from water, hot rocks, and other natural heating elements.

What Is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna is heated by harmless infrared rays instead of a natural heat source. Our bodies are designed in a way that allows us to steadily absorb infrared heat, triggering a relaxing sweat that allows you to feel calm and at ease.

What Is an Infra Sauna?

A Finnleo Infra Sauna is a new, innovative type of sauna that utilizes infrared heating but allows for more even distribution than regular infrared saunas. Using patented CarbonFlex emitters, Infra Saunas from Finnleo eliminate cold or warm spots within the sauna for consistent, even heating. The Sundance Sauna Store is the only distributor of Finnleo Infra Saunas in Mississauga.

What Are Steam Generators, and Why Are They Used?

A steam generator is an electrical device that heats water until it turns into steam. A steam generator can be a great tool for your steam room, as it will generate just the right amount of steam you need to keep it humid, warm, and comfortable. The Sundance Sauna Store provides a variety of user-friendly, high-quality steam generators to clients in and around Hamilton, ON.

What Sauna Accessories Does Sundance Sauna Store Provide?

Sundance Sauna Store provides sauna accessories that allow you to put a personal touch on your space and optimize the relaxation you experience while using your traditional or infrared sauna. Our accessories include Finnleo sauna buckets in a variety of colors and styles, as well as signature sauna scents like eucalyptus and citrus. We also offer entryway accessories and lighting, as well as ladles, towels, and temperature gauges.

What Are Sauna Heaters and Controls?

Your sauna heater is the heating method that provides the heat and steam that will create the soothing, relaxing environment you are looking for in a sauna. Heaters are made in a variety of different styles with varying special abilities and mechanisms. Your sauna control is the device that you will use to regulate the heat that emanates from your heater.

What Sauna Heaters and Controls Does Sundance Sauna Provide?

The Sundance Sauna Store stocks a variety of Finnleo sauna heaters with varying functionalities, such as classic, backline, wood-burning, and Tonttu heaters. Finnleo has a wide variety of heaters to suit different sauna tastes, comfort levels, and heating preferences, such as the Lava heater, the Himalaya heater, and the Saunatonttu heater. We also stock a variety of Finnleo controls that will inspire confidence that you have your comfort in your hands. Some of the controls we stock are the Pure 2.0 Control, the Elite Control, and the Sauna Logic 2 Control. Learn more about our heaters and controls.

Which Areas Does the Sundance Sauna Store Serve?

The Sundance Sauna Store has locations all over Ontario. We have outlets in Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, St. Catharines, Vaughan, and Hamilton. Visit us at one of our locations today to browse our selection of saunas, sauna accessories, heaters and controls, steam baths, and more.

Should I Buy a Traditional or Infrared Sauna?

The major difference between traditional and infrared saunas is the type of heat that they provide. Traditional saunas are heated through more natural sources, while infrared saunas depend on infrared wavelengths to provide heat. Traditional saunas can typically reach higher and more even temperatures, while infrared saunas might be easier to set up and use and may have a more contemporary look and feel.

Upgrade Your Life with a Sauna Today

Whether traditional or infrared, a sauna can improve your quality of life by providing an immersive opportunity to improve your mental and physical well-being right in your home. Give us a call today to learn more about our saunas and accessories.

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