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Traditional and Infrared Sauna Services in Hamilton, ON

The Sundance Sauna Store in Hamilton, ON, can provide and install a beautiful sauna and accompanying services and accessories for your home. Among the sauna services we provide are traditional saunas, infrared saunas, InfraSaunas, heaters and controls, steam generators, and all of the accessories you need to make your sauna a haven of comfort and relaxation. Call us today to speak with a representative who can tell you everything you need to know about our sauna services.

Why Should You Get a Sauna?

The most commonly recognized advantages of a sauna are the comfort and relaxation that they bring to users. When you step inside a sauna, close your eyes, and lean back, your body relaxes as you slowly become enveloped by high heat. Whether you are using a traditional or an infrared sauna, once you’re inside, you will sweat your stress away. Pair your sauna time with meditation or a relaxing mental activity to optimize your stress relief.

A Sauna Can Improve Your Health

Saunas can be a vital component in ensuring that your physical and mental health is in tip-top shape. The heat and steam they produce can ease joint and muscle pain, increase cardiovascular health and flush toxins like lead, zinc, and mercury from your body. Install a sauna today to improve your health, wellness, and state of mind. Visit our Hamilton location today to get started on your journey to at-home rest and relaxation.

Health Benefits of a Home Sauna in Hamilton, ON

We Provide and Install Traditional Saunas

A traditional sauna utilizes natural sources to provide the heat you need to raise your core temperature to satisfying levels. The Sundance Sauna Store is proud to carry the Finnleo line of traditional saunas. Finnleo is one of the oldest and most trusted sauna brands and carries an extensive range of products to suit varying tastes, styles, and spaces. Consider a passport sauna, which is easy to assemble; an outdoor patio sauna if your home can’t accommodate an indoor installation; or a custom-cut sauna for an endless array of options and possibilities. We also carry Finnleo’s Designer, Hallmark, and Panel-Built saunas.

Traditional Finnish Saunas in Hamilton, ON

Try an Infrared Sauna for Comfort Right in Your Home

In addition to Finnleo’s traditional saunas, we also offer infrared saunas from Finnleo’s Pure Infra line. Finnleo’s Pure Infra saunas have a contemporary look with full glass fronts and easy-to-use touchscreen controls. A Pure Infra sauna is easy to use; just plug it in, and you’re ready to relax, detox from harmful chemicals and toxins in your body, and enjoy sauna benefits from the comfort of your home. Enjoy the following features and benefits from your Finnleo Pure Infra infrared sauna:

  • A tri-modal lighting system with soothing valance lighting, reading lights on the ceiling, and color light therapy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Full-body heat
  • Touchscreen-operated sound systems
  • The lowest EMR and EF output possible
  • Contact us today to learn more about our infrared saunas.

The Innovative InfraSauna from Finnleo

The InfraSauna is an exclusive innovation from Finnleo that takes the infrared sauna and makes it even better by eliminating common problems like patchy heat distribution. CarbonFlex technology encourages full-body heating, allowing you to remain immersed in a wonderful stress-relieving activity right in your home. Discover more about our InfraSaunas.

Steam generator control unit tablet in Hamilton, ON

Heaters, Controls, and Accessories for Your In-Home Sauna

You can heat your sauna any way you wish. There are multiple options for heating your sauna, from backline to wood-burning heaters, all of which will keep your sauna fully functional. There are also many options for controlling your sauna’s heating.

While our saunas are both beautiful and functional, you may want to add a personal touch. We offer a range of sauna accessories, including ladles, sleekly designed buckets, extra lighting for ambiance and functionality, and speakers for increased sound quality. We also offer multiple door options.

Steam Generators for Your Sauna

If you have a steam room in your home, it’s imperative that you maintain a reliable, good-quality steam generator. The Sundance Sauna Store stocks a variety of Amerec steam generators that provide best-in-class service while remaining affordable and user-friendly.

The Sundance Sauna Store Difference

The Sundance Sauna Store believes in providing quality products and services to our customers in Hamilton and elsewhere in Ontario so they can experience the benefits of having a sauna right in their home. We have a commitment to bringing you products only from brands that have established themselves as leaders in the sauna industry, like Finnleo and Amerec. Contact The Sundance Sauna Store today for great products and great customer service.

Get Your In-Home Sauna Installed Today

Deep relaxation, stress relief, and wellness can be found right in your home. Contact us today to speak with an expert who can help you decide which sauna and accessories are best for you and your home, and experience the difference a Sundance sauna can make in your life.

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